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      Dupont? Nomex? IIIA Tanker Suit

      Dupont? Nomex? IIIA Tanker suit,Tank driving protective clothing


      Material: 150/200g/m2 (4.5/6oz) Dupont® Nomex® IIIA / Aramid IIIA fabric
      Color: Sage green


      • Two way full front FR metal zipper with puller
      • Two slash chest pockets fastened by Velcro
      • One pen pocket fastened by Velcro on left sleeve
      • Two pockets on upper legs
      • Adjustable cuffs, waist belt and leg opening with Velcro fastener
      • DRD (Drag rescue strap) strap concealed by Velcro fastener on the back
      • Two side zippers and Velcro closure across back for easy access in emergency
      • Ranker holder on shoulders
      • Self-fabric reinforced elbows and rump

      Application: Used as protective clothing during tank driving.





      For more information on Dupont® Nomex® IIIA Tanker Suit please visit: http://www.buduc.site/gallery/Military-Clothing/Nomex-IIIA-sage-green-tanker-suit.html

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