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      Welcome to Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd.

      C&G Safety

      conductive shoes with high quality

      conductive shoes with high quality antistatic sole effective release static electricity of body


      Style: conductive shoes
      Item NO: CG60718163
      Material: leather
      Upper: Imported smooth leather looks more fashionable
      Lining: breathable and confortable Canberra lining
      Outsole: TPU outsole, slip resistance, wear resistance and   hydrolysis resistance
      design: fashion design provides comfort and lightweight
      Stell: 1100N penetration
      color: Black
      Future: Professional safety shoes with steel toe cap, modern design, high comfort, ABSORBER lining with high absorbing abilities and with Bacterbril fibres avoiding bacteria and moulds propagation, injected PU sole resistant to acids and oils.
      Size: 34-48
      Standard: safety steel toe cap 200 Joules impact meets BS EN 345 standards.
      Pushion insoles design for your comfort
      Anti-static provision: The antistatic thread sewn into the Pushion insole provides conductivity to preserve the anti-static property of the anti-static
      Ergonomically designed to provide maximum support Pushion has a specially molded cushioned arch support and a cupped heel for heel support.
      Remains spongy and last longer Pushion has memory that resets its spongy property unlike normal EVA insole
      Superior shock absorption properties Pushion significantly reduces stress of impact on the heel and the forefoot as compared to normal EVA insole
      Keeps your feet fresher all day long Pushion is lined with breathable and moisteru transmitting top lining that contains anti-microbial additives which reduces foot odor.
      Massages your heel Pushion has specially designed "massage studs" to reduce fatigue on heel.

      conductive shoes with high qualityconductive shoes with high qualityconductive shoes with high qualityconductive shoes with high qualityconductive shoes with high qualityconductive shoes with high quality

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